What’s In That Cup of Diet Soda?


Did you know that the ingredients in “fountain” soda are different than those in bottled or canned soda products, at least with diet soda? (You may call it “pop”, depending on where you live.)

I like to read labels. One of the things I avoid is saccharin. Being the curious type, I have been known to read the labels on those metal syrup cannisters you may sometimes see in stores that have soda fountains. I’ve read the labels on diet Coca-Cola and diet Pepsi cannisters. While I don’t have a list of which brands or flavors of fountain soda contain saccharin (or other ingredients you wouldn’t find in their bottled or canned counterparts), I believe that most diet fountain soda contains saccharin. For this reason, I avoid buying any diet soda dispensed by fountains.

Why the different formulation for fountain-dispensed diet sodas? My guess is that since consumers would not normally see the ingredient list for fountain soda, the manufacturers use whatever artificial sweetener is cheapest. Most people I know are concerned enough about the possible health or cancer risks of saccharin that they will only use aspartame, sucralose, or another artificial sweetener, or no artificial sweeteners at all.

What’s a thirsty Big-Gulper to do? Read the labels. Sometimes the five gallon stainless steel syrup cannisters are where you can see them. If not, make a pain out of yourself, and ask the store owner to show you the ingredient labels. Ask Coca-Cola or Pepsi what’s in their syrups. Like me, don’t buy diet soda unless it’s in a bottle or can and you can read the ingredients.

Unfortunately, fountain soda is not the only place where manufacturers are slipping saccharin ino your food, probably hoping you wouldn’t notice. See our posting, “What’s In That Little Blue Packet? Sweet Deception !“.

– Routing By Rumor

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