Shame On You, New Jersey State Senators Anthony Bucco and John Girgenti !

If legislation sponsored by New Jersey state senator Anthony Bucco (see Senate bill S182) becomes law, New Jersey will, for the first time ever, allow police to carry and use stun guns, Tasers and similar devices on New Jersey’s citizens. Although not indicated in the press reports we’ve seen, the Senate bill identifies New Jersey state senator John Girgenti as a co-sponsor of the legislation. See this Associated Press article about the legislation.

We previously wrote on the subject of Tasers, after the tasering of University of Florida student Andrew Meyer by police there made headlines last September. His crime? Trying to speak at a John Kerry town hall meeting on campus. Police abuses like this are supposed to occur in countries ruled by communist military dictators, but not in America. What is happening to our country?

Electroshock weapons seem to be particularly subject to abuse by police. Because they are perceived as being “less lethal” than firearms, there is little inhibition on the part of police to use them. In hundreds of cases, they have caused deaths. According to this recent CBS News article, almost 300 individuals in the U.S. alone, have died after being Tasered. Amnesty International USA has expressed their concern about Tasers. So has the United Nations Committee Against Torture. These weapons also seem to be used to administer punishment and torture individuals in situations where no police officer in their right mind would ever consider shooting an individual. They seem to be popular because they offer police a way to control an individual without “getting their hands dirty”. View this CBS News interview with motorist Jared Massey (but be warned that it contains some very disturbing footage), who was suspected of nothing more than speeding when he was tasered by a Utah State Trooper. There is growing outcry in America about their use by police, and rightly so. We feel that Tasers and similar devices have no place in law enforcement.

If Senator Bucco’s bill becomes law, you can be certain that New Jerseyans will die as a result of his legislation. Will Senator Bucco or Senator Girgenti attend the funerals of their constituents who die as a result of Taser or stun gun use by police? If Senators Bucco or Girgenti ever find themselves on the receiving end of a Taser for whatever reason, and are lucky enough to survive, will they still feel the same way about the weapons? Does Senator Bucco or Senator Girgenti honestly believe police will resort to firing their guns less often if they are equipped with Tasers? Do they believe they will prevent police shootings rather than contribute to more deaths? Statistics from around the U.S. or from other countries do not support that contention, as explained in this article from The Canadian Press.

Kill New Jersey Senate bill S182, before it kills New Jersey citizens.

– RoutingByRumor


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