What Would Osama Do ?

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking.

We are on final approach to election day, with just over three months before Americans step into the voting booth to elect the next President of the United States.

Both of the “presumptive” major party candidates, John McCain (R) and Barack Obama (D), have been focusing their rhetoric on Iraq and Afghanistan, and telling us that their opponent has it all wrong.

Without question, the course the United States takes not only in these two countries, but in the larger war on terrorism (which hasn’t been going all that swimmingly either), is the number one issue facing our country. We cannot afford to make the wrong decision on November 4th.

We wouldn’t think of telling you who to vote for.  Instead, we pose this question… What would Osama bin Laden do ?

Try to answer that question for yourself. If Osama bin Laden could vote for our next President, who would he vote for ? Once you have answered that question, regardless of your answer, we recommend you cast your vote for the OTHER candidate.

That is the best insurance policy against terrorism that we can think of.

Now, please fasten your seat belts.

– Routing By Rumor

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One response to “What Would Osama Do ?

  1. It depends on your definition of “other.” I would maintain that “other” is not a category that exists between the bounds of McCain and Obama.

    But there is an other:


    Response from Routing By Rumor…

    Lauren is quite right. There are other candidates running for President.

    However, based on a quick bit of research we just did, the last time we had a President who wasn’t a Democrat or Republican was when Millard Fillmore (the “Whig” party) became President. Fillmore, who had been Vice President, assumed the office upon Zachary Taylor’s death, over 150 years ago.

    Because we expect the trend to continue, we failed to consider that Osama has more than two candidates to choose from. However, our intent wasn’t to promote any particular candidate, but rather to have people think about which of the candidates might be toughest on terrorism.

    So, we amend our suggestion as follows… Vote for the candidate who you feel will be the terrorist’s worst nightmare.

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