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…Much in the way that a blogger learns from information posted by others on the Web, the routers that direct traffic across the Internet rely on knowledge passed on to them by their neighboring routers. They then pass this routing information on to other neighboring routers. The class of routing protocols known as Distance-Vector protocols are often referred to as “routing by rumor”, because a router learns about the available routes to other networks through second-hand information passed along to it by neighboring (directly connected) routers rather than by learning about new routes directly. Border Gateway Protocol, or BGP, which is the routing protocol most frequently used between the connected networks that make up the Internet, is considered to be a Distance-Vector protocol (although it is more accurately described as a Path-Vector protocol). Just ask any Network Engineer.

Of course, while network savvy individuals will tell you that the definition of “routing” is “to send by a selected route, or to direct“, Merriam-Webster tells us that “rout” also means “to drive out, or to dispel“. We leave it to the reader to decide which definition applies when reading RoutingByRumor.

About linking to this blog…

We love hyperlinks. They’re the foundation of the World Wide Web (www). Thanks, Tim!!! (Read Timothy Berners-Lee’s Bio at the World Wide Web Consortiums’ (w3c) website).

We would be honored and we welcome your linking to this blog, whether you agree or disagree with the incontrovertible views expressed here. If you are impressed enough with our blog to link to it, please consider dropping us a line and telling us what site will contain link(s) to RoutingByRumor.

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View of midtown Manhattan (west side) in New York City, taken from mid-river on the Hudson, looking East. The Empire State Building is slightly to the left of center, and the aircraft carrier USS Intrepid, permanently moored on the Hudson, is visible just to the left of the Empire State Building (and behind the ship which is broadside to the camera). Photo taken at sunset on September 17, 2003.

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